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Affectionate Service
Alpha Fetoprotein (AFP), Triple, Quad, or Penta Test
Amniocentesis and Chorionic Villi Sampling
Anticipation of Menses during Pregnancy
Bedikah Cloth
Bedikot before the Wedding
Beginning the Five Day Minimum
Breast Cancer Resources
Breast Self-Examination
Breastfeeding and the Four Fasts
Breastfeeding and Yom Kippur
Cervical Biopsy
Cesarean Section
Chafifah on Yom Tov
Chatzitzot (Barriers to immersion)
Checking for Non-Uterine Sources of Bleeding
Checklist for Tevilah
Choosing a Contraceptive Method
Conduct while Staining
Contraceptive Spermicides
Customs (Minhagim)
Dam Betulim (hymenal bleeding)
Definition of Bedikah
Definition of Infertility
Definition of Menopause
Definition of Onah
Domestic Abuse Resources
Duration of Breastfeeding
Eating Together
Effective Marital Relations
Egg Donation
Emergency Contraception
English Books
Establishing a Chazakah
Establishing a Veset Kavua: Graphic Calendars
Evaluation of Infertility
Examples of Counting Shivah Neki'im
Extending or Manipulating Cycles
Female Reproductive Anatomy
Feminine Hygiene Pads
Fertility Awareness Method (FAM)
Fertility Links
Finding a Problem after Immersion
Getting Information from a Doctor
Global Mikveh Directory
Glossary of Halachic Terms
Glossary of Medical Terms
Haflagah (Interval)
Hair Dye
Halachic Infertility - Diagnosis
Halachic Infertility - Treatment
Halachic Policy
Halachic Supervision for Assisted Reproductive Technology
Hargashah (Sensation of Menses)
Hebrew Books on Taharat HaMishpacha
Hormonal Contraceptives
Hotza'at Zera Levatalah
How to Ask a Halachic Question
How to do a Bedikah
How to Do a Hefsek Taharah
How to Keep a Calendar
Husband in the Delivery Room
Immersion on Shabbat and Yom Tov
Israel Mikvaot by Region
IUD Insertion & Removal
Jewish Lunar Months
Kallah Companion
Ketamim (Stains)
Lactational Amenorrhea Method (LAM)
Laws of Niddah for the Breastfeeding Woman
List of ART Clinics Offering Halachic Supervision
Manual Examination
Marital Intimacy
Marriage Companion
Menstrual Irregularity
Mikvaot - Ashdod, Ashkelon, Shapir Region
Mikvaot - Central Israel (Gush Dan, Merkaz, Sharon)
Mikvaot - Haifa Area
Mikvaot - Jerusalem, Gush Etzion, Hebron, Mateh Yehuda
Mikvaot - North (Bet She'an, Galil, Golan, Emek Yizre'el)
Mikvaot - Shomron and Mateh Binyamin
Mikvaot - South (Negev, Eilat, Arava)
Mikveh after Cancer Treatment
Mikveh After Childbirth
Mikveh Immersion Before the Wedding
Mikveh Immersion Procedure
Mikveh Protocol
Moch Dachuk
Natural Approaches to Halachic Infertility
Niddah in a Nutshell
Onah Beinonit (The average onah)
Onot Perishah (times of separation)
Pap Smear
Pills on Pesach
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
Postpartum Mood Disorders
Pregnancy and the Four Fasts
Pregnancy and Yom Kippur
Premarital genetic testing
Prenatal Testing
Preparation for Mikveh Immersion
Privacy Policy
Rav Yehuda Henkin's Rulings on Family Planning
Reasons to Permit Contraception
Scheduling of Gynecological Examinations
Sense and Sensitivity
Setting the Wedding Date
Sexual Pain Disorders
Site for Medical Professionals
Site Instructions
Speculum Examination
Surrogate Motherhood
The Definition of Niddah
The Diaphragm
The Five Day Minimum
The Intra-uterine Device (IUD)
The Menopause Process
The Mitzvah of Having Children
The Onset of the Niddah Status
The Onset of the Niddah Status in Labor
The Shivah Neki'im (seven blood-free days)
The Yoetzet Halakha: Avoiding Conflict when Instituting Change
Timing and Scheduling
Timing of Hefsek Taharah
Toilet Paper
Torah & Rabbinic Law (D'Oraita & D'Rabbanan)
Touching and Passing
Tradition Article on Breast Cancer
Ultrasound for prenatal screening
Uprooting a Veset Kavua: Graphic Calendars
Urinary Stress Incontinence
Vaginal Bleeding during Pregnancy
Vaginal Ultrasound
Vesatot and Hormonal Contraception
Veset Haguf (Symptoms of menses)
Veset Hayamim (Dates of anticipated menses)
Veset Kavua (An established veset)
Wedding during Niddah (Chupat Niddah)
What to Bring to the Mikveh
When to Prepare for Mikveh Immersion
Where to Prepare for Mikveh Immersion
Why a Website?
Yom Hachodesh (The day of the month)


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