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A Refreshing Refresher to Taharat HaMishpacha

Women of the community are welcome to join Yoetzet Halacha Shoshana Samuels in a review of the foundations and practicalities of the laws of Jewish family life. The course will include source-study, real-life scenarios and discussion of the unique ways these laws affect our lives and relationships. Join for one, two or all three of the sessions!
Part 1: The Jewish Approach to Physical Intimacy & Expecting Changes meets Monday, October 30th, 8:15 pm @ Rinat Yisrael
This class will explore Judaism's positive view on physical intimacy, one of the often-overlooked elements of Taharat HaMishpacha. This perspective is critical to the study of the rest of the Taharat HaMishpacha process. We will also review the laws of expected menses and be sure that even those without PhD's in mathematics are confident about how to keep a calendar :) 
Part 2: Status Changes & Passing Ramifications meets Tuesday, November 21st, 8:15 pm @ Netivot Shalom
This class will focus on the essential differences between what makes and does not make a woman's status change from tehora to niddah. The amount of confusion and room for error in this area is tremendous and a thorough and complete review is in order! Come learn the questions that can and must be asked to ensure the laws of niddah are kept properly (and not in such a way that would compromise other important elements of one's life!) We will also review the ways the status change effects the physical space between the husband and wife in the laws of physical distancing.
Part 3: Count Down to Spiritual Rebirth meets Wednesday, December 27th, 8:15 pm@ Shaare Tefillah
This final class will delve into the process of becoming tehora from the necessary waiting time prior to counting, to counting the seven clean days and approaching the mikveh. There is much to know about each of these steps that can clarify many questions that come up for women "on the ground". The series will culminate with the laws of preparation for, and immersion, in the mikveh, allowing us to come full circle back to "The Jewish Approach to Physical Intimacy", as a woman returns to her status of tehora.
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