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Questions and Answers

Can’t immerse after surgery

We hope you are well on your way to a refu’ah sheleimah! A woman cannot exit the niddah status without immersing in a mikveh. The best course of action depends on your specific situation. If you are not currently in niddah, please consult your physician about the possibility of using hormonal manipulation to delay your… Read More

CVS during shivah neki’im

B’sha’ah tovah! We are sorry to hear of the bleeding you experienced. We recommend performing a bedikah in the morning before undergoing the procedure. You may then omit bedikot until day 7. If you are still staining by day 7, you may delay your final bedikah (and thus mikveh immersion) until day 9 at the… Read More

Is a wet bedikah cloth safe?

You can safely continue cleaning internally with a wet cloth. It is not the same as douching with a vinegar rinse, or a commercially sold douche kit with fragrances and chemical additives. Please feel free to get back to us with any further questions. Read More

Hormonal IUD: What to expect

Unfortunately, it is common to experience irregular staining for up to 6 months after having a hormonal IUD inserted. This is an important factor that a woman should consider before deciding on this type of birth control. However, not all staining will render a woman niddah nor invalidate the clean days. It is important to… Read More

Mikveh Purim night

Yes, it is fully permissible to perform some preparations during the day and some right before immersion. At the mikveh, in addition to removing your makeup and washing your face, you should rinse off quickly in the shower, run a comb through your hair, and visually inspect yourself prior to immersing. Purim Sameach! Read More

Mikveh after Purim

There is nothing that you need to do differently. As the seudah on Purim is a mitzvah, you are permitted to eat meat, taking care that it doesn’t get caught between your teeth and cleaning your teeth well when preparing for mikveh. You can tovel at any point that night, even after the celebrations, but… Read More

Feeding tubes and mikveh

"Buttons" – into which the tubes are placed – that are permanent and are for your benefit are not considered a chatzitzah and do not invalidate your immersion. If there are parts that can be removed, such as tubes that you replace periodically and can be without for a short time, they should be removed… Read More

Bleeding on active pills, veset calculations

You do not specify the nature of your bleeding. Stains do not affect a veset calendar. A blood flow does. If you have begun to have a blood flow during active pill days, then your veset kavua remains in place, but you should also be observing an interval and day of the month for when… Read More

Spotting with pill before wedding

Mazal tov on your upcoming marriage! In general we recommend that a kallah who wishes to take birth control pills to regulate her cycle should start three months before the wedding, since staining is common during the first three cycles as her body adjusts to the hormones. This is especially true with low dose pills… Read More

Alternatives to pill

The diaphragm is a halachically permissible form of birth control, although given your sensitivity this might not be the best option for you. We recommend speaking to your doctor about some of the newer/smaller types of IUDs that may cause less irritation. You will likely experience discomfort after the insertion, but after that initial period… Read More