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Conception after tubal ligation

What is the most assured way to become pregnant after a tubal litigation - a reversal or artificial insemination, or what options are there? Please help? Thanks

Dear questioner,

Thank you for your question.

You should see your physician for complete discussion of your particular situation. Artificial insemination - where the husband's sperm is placed in the woman's vagina (or intrauterine insemination where washed sperm is placed in the uterus) will not work because the damaged tubes do not allow the ovum to get to the point where fertilization generally takes place. Artificial reproductive technology (IVF) generally has the highest success rate. There is room for permitting IVF with the husband's sperm within halacha. However, this raises a number of questions (e.g., the proper method of procurement of the sample) which should be discussed with a halachic authority prior to proceeding. See also the articles on the site about infertility, which address some of these issues.

Please note that all reversal methods have limited success rates. Therefore, tubal ligation should be considered a permanent method of birth control and should only be undertaken with this knowledge.

This internet service does not preclude, override or replace the psak of any rabbinical authority. It is the responsibility of the questioner to inform us of any previous consultation or ruling. As even slight variation in circumstances may have Halachic consequences, views expressed concerning one case may not be applied to other, seemingly similar cases.

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