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Black pantiliners

You mention black panty liners. I'm having trouble finding them in stores here in the U.S. Where can I get them?


Dear questioner,

Thank you for your question.

Manufacturers are constantly producing new varieties of pantiliners - and discontinuing old ones. Black pantiliners were popular for a few years but seem to have been discontinued in many countries. We have not been able to find them recently in North America. It might be possible to contact the manufacturers and find out whether they are still available wholesale.

Black pantiliners are still sold in most pharmacies and large chain supermarkets in Israel. Brands currently available include Choglah and Feel Free.

Black pantiliners can be ordered online at www.mikvah.org. The exact link is http://mikvah.org/mall/mikvah_items; they can also be contacted at:

312 Kingston Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11213
email: click here

In addition to selling to individuals, mikvah.org also distributes to stores in the Tri-State area, and will sell to mikva'ot upon request.

Black pantiliners can be ordered through Efrat Pharm, in Efrat, Israel. They will ship any quantity in Israel or abroad.

  • Telephone: 02 993-2966
  • Fax 02 993-4583.
  • Email: click here

As of June, 2009, black pantiliners are available through the MikvahMinder website. The exact link is http://www.mikvahminder.com/mikvah-supplies/berry-stayclean-black-feminine-pantiliners.html.

You may also be able to find black pantiliners elsewhere on the internet. We found a few sites - http://www.newmoonpads.com/, http://www.diaperware.com/mooncare/mooncare.htm, http://www.gladrags.com,  and www.greenshoppingstore.com/- that offer reusable washable cloth pads in various colors - these are fine for avoiding problems with ketamim as long as you choose patterns that don't include white. In Israel, reusable cotton pantiliners and pads in black, brown, or white are available at http://www.cottna.co.il/.

Here are some tips from other visitors to our site:

December 2013: Just wanted to let you know that black pantyliners are now available on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Berry-StayClean-Black-Feminine-Pantiliners/dp/B002B8D27M/ref=sr_1_18?s=hpc&ie=UTF8&qid=1388003564&sr=1-18 or search for "Black Feminine Pantiliners."

April 2009: Hi, Black Panty Liners are now available
in all Jewish pharmacies & supermarkets in New York City, Monsey and Monroe, the company name is Berry Products Tel. 212.202.1619

October 2008: I have found black pantiliners in two pharmacies in Boro Park, Brooklyn: Fine Care on 13th Ave and 48th Street, and Leib's on 16th Ave and 50th Street, with the company name "Jessa"

April 2008: Black pantiliners can be obtained in Israel through:

Haim Danon
58 Amal Street
Petach Tikva
Tel: 972-52-3213634

February 2006: It appears that black pantyliners (also spelled "pantiliners") are now available on eBay--for sale outright, no auction necessary.

December 2005: I don't know if you found where to get black pantiliners. I read on your website that someone was looking for a place to get them. I found them in Brooklyn, New York at Spectrum Pharmacy 18th Avenue and Mcdonald Avenue 718-435-3100. I am hopeful that my information can help someone as it has helped me.

Good luck, and please let us know if you find any helpful information so we can post it!

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