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Uterine ultrasound

I am 59 years old and have not had a period since December 2004. I recently experienced spotting - pink and then brown in color. Last year this happened too and it was caused by cervical polyps so I made an appointment with the doctor. He could not find any sign of polyps and recommended that I undergo a uterine ultrasound. Since the current spotting was on toilet tissue and on colored underwear I believe that I am not in a niddah state. The doctor does not think this could be menstrual blood given that menopause has taken place over a year ago. My question is: If the ultra sound procedure - which involves injection of saline into the uterus, and insertion of a very small and narrow probe into the uterus - causes spotting, will I be a niddah and require counting and immersion in a mikvah.

Dear questioner,

Thank you for your question.

If the probe is less than 19 mm in diameter, it will not render you niddah. If you have spotting in the 2-3 days after the hysterosonogram, it can be attributed to the procedure and does not make you niddah. It is also a good idea to wear colored underwear and avoid looking at toilet paper for the week after the procedure, to avoid finding stains that could make you niddah.

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