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D&C post-menopause

I am 59 years old and post menopause. I am scheduled for a D and C to remove possible uterine polyps. I assume that there will be bleeding or spotting after the procedure. Is there a need for me to count and then immerse in the mikvah.

Dear questioner,

Thank you for your question.

Although one could theoretically argue that any bleeding from a D & C has the status of dam makkah (blood from a wound), the halachic consensus is that the uterine bleeding from a D & C renders a woman niddah.  (The procedure itself might also make you niddah, depending on the degree of dilation.) Therefore, the day of the procedure will be the first of the five days, which will be followed by seven clean days and immersion.

You would not be required to observe onot veset subsequent to becoming niddah from the procedure.

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