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Staining that lasts a few days
Erotic fiction
Abdominal hematoma after c-section
Implantation bleeding
Allergic to earrings
Preparing Friday for Motzai Shabbat mikveh
Small brown stain on seventh clean day
Husband in jail
Extending cycles, staining on onah beinonit
Conduct after vesatot, before period
Mikveh after birth of a girl
Lengthening short cycles
Black dot on toilet paper in public toilet
Staining on seventh day bedikah, dam makkah?
Mikveh during first trimester, progesterone suppositories
Very light periods after uterine ablation
Reducing to 4-day minimum
Leniencies during shivah neki'im
Pads or tampons in clean days, tampon as moch on Shabbat
Staining on day 6 or 7 of clean days