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Breast Cancer

Approximately one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer at some time during her life, and many women need to deal with this condition during the years when taharat hamishpacha is still relevant.

Sharsheret provides support and assistance to Jewish women dealing with breast cancer, with a special focus on young (pre-menopausal) women and their families.

Medical information about breast cancer is available through the organizations listed on their website.

The Sarnoff Center for Jewish Genetics offers information on hereditary cancers, including breast cancer, and links to cancer organizations.

Naomi Englard-Schaffer and Dr Deena Zimmerman, our site’s medical supervisor, have published an article on “Halakhic Issues Presented by Breast Cancer,” (Tradition 41:4).

On this site we will attempt to address a number of halachic issues presented by the diagnosis and treatment of this condition.

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