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Nishmat’s Golda Koschitzky Women’s Halachic Hotline

US/Canada Toll-Free Israel: Other Countries:
1-877-963-8938 02-640-4343 +972-2-640-4343
US/Canada Toll-Free 1-877-963-8938 Israel: 02-640-4343 Other Countries: +972-2-640-4343

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Hours – Israel Time

Sunday Thursday: 6 PM to 12 Midnight (usually corresponds to 11 AM to 5 PM Eastern Time in North America)

Friday Morning: 8 AM to 12 Noon

Saturday Night: Half an hour after Shabbat ends to 12 Midnight

Nishmat’s Golda Koschitzky Women’s Halachic Hotline was established to meet the needs of women who seek a woman-to-woman address to clarify Jewish law (halacha) as it relates to issues in women’s health. It is staffed by yoatzot halacha, women halachic consultants, trained by Nishmat, The Jeanie Schottenstein Center for Advanced Torah Study for Women. Yoatzot Halacha are women certified by a panel of Orthodox rabbis to be a resource for women with questions in the halachic area of Taharat Hamishpachah (an area of Jewish Law that relates to marriage, sexuality and women’s health). This role was devised for women who are more comfortable discussing personal issues with another woman

The Hotline is under the supervision of Rabbi Yaakov Varhaftig, with whom the yoatzot consult for rabbinic ruling (psikah). The yoatzot are available to provide you with information and to help you deal with halachic problems. In certain cases, the yoatzot may be able to provide professional referrals.

You can call the Hotline to secure information about observing the laws of taharat hamishpacha, including questions you may have relating to

  • gynecological problems and procedures
  • pregnancy, prenatal testing, and birth
  • fertility treatments
  • family planning
  • menopause

and more.

A call to the Hotline is anonymous and discreet.

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Learn more about the yoatzot halacha staffing the hotline here.

For further information about Nishmat’s other programs, visit the Nishmat web site.

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