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Fertility Resources

Approximately one in eight couples experience fertility challenges.

Nishmat Yoatzot Halacha Fertility Counselors are Yoatzot Halacha who have completed specialized training in complex issues of fertility and halacha, in conjunction with Gefen Fertility. Counselors offer halachic guidance to women and couples experiencing fertility challenges. Click here to set up a free personal consultation, in person (in Israel) or online.

Here we’ve pooled together a range of additional resources for couples seeking support on their fertility journey, and for those who seek to build awareness and sensitivity:


Yesh Tikva strives to serve the emotional and physical needs of Jewish couples struggling with infertility and aims to increase awareness, empathy and sensitivity from within the community at large. Halachic guidance is available through Yesh Tikvah from two Yoatzot Halacha – Dr. Penina Dienstag and Dalia Shulman, and rabbinic consultation from Rabbi Kenneth Auman, Dean of Nishmat’s U.S. Yoatzot Halacha Fellows Program, and Rabbi Gedalyah Berger, Senior Lecturer for Nishmat’s U.S. Yoatzot Halacha Fellows Program.

A TIME (A Torah Infertility Medium of Exchange) offers numerous programs for couples experiencing infertility or pregnancy loss, including a website, a magazine, a telephone help line, local support groups and educational events, a lending library for books and tapes, medical referrals and advocacy, adoption services, national conferences, summer programs and shabbatonim.

I Was Supposed to Have a Baby provides mental health support, educational resources, and a warm, nurturing space for all Jews struggling to build a family, through digital platforms, communal convenings, and connections to wider support networks.

Knafayim offers guidance and support for couples experiencing pregnancy loss, baby loss, and reproductive trauma. Knafayim takes a holistic approach, embracing bereaved parents with an array of practical, educational, and emotionally supportive services.

NechamaComfort supports families of all backgrounds who have suffered pregnancy or infant loss – from early miscarriage through infants up to age one.

Chana offers emotional and practical support to Jewish couples in the UK who are experiencing primary or secondary infertility. Services include a confidential helpline, medical support and information, and counselling for individuals and couples.

Tefilat Chana provides support for Jewish couples in Australia who are experiencing infertility, reproductive health issues or pregnancy loss, as well as an online Ask! service.

PUAH offers counseling, guidance and assistance to couples with gynecological and fertility problems worldwide. They also provide full halachic supervision in hospitals and fertility laboratories for couples undergoing fertility treatments, and offer a variety of courses, seminars, study tours, and lectures.


Gefen Fertility (Keren Gefen) provides emotional and wellness support to fertility-challenged women in Israel. Their programs include Fertility Yoga, Mind-Body Workshops, CBT Workshops, Transfer with Tranquility – “Individual Therapy,” Hevruta Jewish Textual Learning and Support Workshops, and the Nishmat Yoatzot Halacha Fertility Counselors Program.

Merkaz Panim uses a multidisciplinary approach – including counseling, body empowerment, and therapeutic massage – to provide emotional and physical support to women and couples experiencing fertility challenges or pregnancy loss. Located in Israel, the center also offers information and referrals to professionals in relevant fields.

Zir Chemed is a halachic fertility clinic offering a holistic approach that combines counseling, emotional support and technical expertise. The clinic is located in Israel, but consultations and assistance are also available elsewhere.

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