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Checklist for Tevilah

Many women find it helpful to have a checklist of basic mikveh preparations. You can review this list just before immersing to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything.

1. Is this the right night?

  • You counted the four- or five-day minimum after becoming niddah, before beginning the shivah neki’im.
  • You did the hefsek taharah one week ago (e.g., hefsek on Monday afternoon for a Monday night tevilah).
  • You completed your shivah neki’im, including the required bedikot.

2. Have you removed all chatzitzot?

  • Clothing, jewelry, bandages, contact lenses
  • Dirt, ink, makeup
  • Contraceptive ring or patch (or other medical patch)
  • You trimmed and cleaned your nails.
  • You removed hair that you are particular about.
  • You soaked (or removed) scabs.

3. Did you do a thorough chafifah?

  • You washed your hair with warm water and shampoo.
  • You combed the hair on your head, and combed other hair or separated it with your fingers
  • You washed your body, taking care to clean folds and creases, eyes, ears, nose, nipples, navel, teeth, and toes.

4.  Did you inspect yourself (iyun)?

  • You checked visible areas by looking (perhaps with the aid of a mirror), and checked other areas by touch.

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