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Reliable non-hormonal methods

22 January, 2006


Baruch HaShem, after some infertility struggles and a surprise pregnancy, I have recently given birth to my 4th baby in less than 4 years. As you might imagine, I am looking for some advice on birth control now. I have been advised not to use the pill due to the risks associated with it. I have been on it in the past and I also do not react well to it (mood swings and such) What other options are there? My (frum) doctor recommended the diaphragm, but I was under the impression this was not allowed, as it is a barrier method. I cannot use natural family planning, as I do not get regular periods and I was trying NFP when I got pregnant with surprise baby #4. Any advice or guidance is appreciated. Additionally, I wanted to thank you again for this wonderful resource. I have asked you questions in the past and I have always received very informed and kind answers.


Mazal tov!

In a situation where reliable contraception is important and hormonal contraceptives cannot be used, the major halachic options are the IUD and the diaphragm.  The IUD comes in two varieties: regular or hormone secreting.  The former often involves some staining or slightly prolonged periods; the latter typically leads to months (up to six) of staining, followed by no menstruation whatsoever. The former IUD is about 98% reliable, the latter (as it combines both and IUD and a hormone) 99%. The diaphragm, when used correctly and used with spermicide gel, is about 98% effective. It does, however, have to be inserted prior to each episode of marital relations (up to one hour before). 

Many halachic decisors, particularly in Israel, prefer the IUD because it is not a barrier method.  However, there are rabbis who permit the diaphragm.  They reason, in part, that although it is a barrier, its location does not interfere with the physical sensations of intercourse. This site follows the halachic rulings of Rav Yehuda Herzl Henkin who generally permits the diaphragm in accordance with the approach of his grandfather, R. Yosef Eliyahu Henkin z"l. 

Please ask your local rabbi as to the appropriate method in your particular case. If you do not have rav to whom you can turn, please get back to us stating that you are interested in a halachic ruling.

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