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Consent form for meeting with Yoetzet Halacha Fertility Counselor

Please read and sign the form below prior to your meeting with a Yoetzet Halacha Fertility Counselor.
Yoatzot Halacha underwent specialization in the field of Fertility and Halacha and in the counselling of couples who are dealing with fertility challenges.

A consultation with a Yoetzet Halacha in the field of fertility does not replace a medical or psychological consultation. All medical or psychological issues should be referred to trained professionals in the area.

Private information disclosed during consultation is strictly confidential and protected.

The Yoatzot Halacha Fertility Counselors Initiative is made possible through public donations. The service is provided free of charge.

The recommended donation for a consultation is 100 shekel. All donations are welcome.

Following the consultation, a short email feedback form will be sent to you. We would appreciate if you would fill out the form in order to assist in the control of the quality of our service.

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