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Taharat Hamishpacha during War: A Yoetzet Halacha’s Perspective

By Michal Roness Times of Israel: The Blogs | February 1, 2024

As a Yoetzet Halacha at Midreshet Nishmat, we assist women dealing with halachic questions relating to Taharat Hamishpacha and women’s health, all year round. The questions we are asked reflect the current experiences and challenges the women face. Below are some words I wrote during one of the (numerous) ‘Sevavim’ – rounds of rockets bombarding the Southern Israeli townships in the vicinity of Sderot.


Written December 2019: The country begins another – all too familiar – round of violence on the border of Southern Israel and the Gaza strip. The same jarring sounds and deafening booms, the all too familiar tears and of course the familiar fears. We know how it starts – but we never know how, and when, it will end. And when it ends for the media and the rest of the country, it never ends for the residents of the South. It is just a matter of time until another round will begin. For the time being the sirens may have stopped but for the children, the families and the women, the fears, traumas and stress continue.


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